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United Kingdom Office

General Information on Visa Requirements

Applicants are required to apply in person at Voya Visa to obtain their visa. Applications sent by post, fax, or email will not be accepted.

Travel Document Holders can not apply for an e-visa or stamp visa. They must apply via Voya Visa and are required to have a minimum of 6 months validity additional to their “duration of stay” of their visa.

Ordinary Passport Holders:

Please refer to the Consular Website for further information on visa requirements

Passports or Travel Documents need to have at least two consecutive blank pages. Family members need to have separate appointments. Visa fees differ as to nationality and types of visa – the fee is not refundable in the case of refusal. The earliest you may apply is 60 days before your travel. We represent the Turkish Consulate General and handle all visa applications provided that you bring all documents with you.

Residence Permit:

Residence Permit should be applied to the nearest police headquarter in Turkey, before tourist visa expires. (Turkish Consulate General in London is not authorised to grant residence permit.) Please contact the Directorate General of Migration for further information.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We are unable to refund in such cases – especially if you are unable to provide the required documents on time.

Official and Diplomatic Passport holders are required to contact the Turkish Consulate in London.

British Ordinary Passport holders do not require a visa to travel to Turkey for touristic purposes and can stay for up to 90 days every 180-day period. British National Overseas, British Subject and British Protected Person Passport holders must obtain a sticker-type visa at our office.

You must attend an appointment at least 30 days before your date of travel. Please ensure that all reservations are of free cancellation. Depending on your Nationality, you may require further permission from the Ministry of Interior in Ankara. This process will take up to 6 weeks or longer. We are not responsible for how long it takes to be granted permission. If you are an Afghan, Stateless, Syrian national or you are going for Medical reasons, it is best to apply at least 45 days before your date-of-travel.

Waiting time varies between 1-2 hours. It may take longer if you are unable to provide us with the correct documents. Applicant who do not comply with the rules will not be permitted entry and will have their application refused. In such cases, you will need to book another appointment.

You are required to bring all original and photocopied documents with you to your appointment. Please ensure that you arrange your own hotel and flight .

We are unable to apply for a visa if you are unable to prove your residence in the United Kingdom. In such cases, you will need to apply for a visa with the relevant authorities abroad.

How to Prepare

Please refer to the Document requirements listed above and ensure that you have all original and photocopied documents with you. Ensure that you have booked an appointment at least 4-6 weeks before your travel date.

How to Attend

Please attend your appointment at 1A Saint Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, W8 6LS. We are unable to accommodate walk-in appointments. Do not attend before your appointment time. Applicants are not allowed to wait in the courtyard at Abbots Place. To eliminate hassle, please follow the guidelines and rules. Do not attend without a mask and ensure that you follow Covid Regulations at all times.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by our security officer who will give you a ticket. You will need to wait for your number to be called.

How Long it Takes

It takes around 4- 6 weeks to process the visa application. We do not provide tracking for application status at this time. Please only contact us if it has been more than 4 weeks.

Ministry of Interior

All Syrian, Stateless, Afghan, and Citizens who are travelling for Medical Purposes must attend 6 weeks before as they require permission from the Ministry of Interior, Ankara.

Student Visas must also attend 6 weeks before their date of travel. All other nationalities and visa types are able to attend within 4 weeks before their travel.

Visa Refusal

We do not provide refunds for refused applications. Please be aware that we cannot provide information or an explanation for the refusal as we are not the issuing authority.


It must be valid for 6 months beyond from the date you return the UK.

A copy of the ID page of Travel Document or Passport and BRP


From at least 6 months ago

It must be Standart Passport Size, undamaged and clear.


  • If you are working, last recent 2 months’ Payslips or for self employed Accountant Letter, must include monthly, weekly or annual amount of the income.

  • If you are not working, Universal Credit, Student Finance, Pensions, Allowances is needed.

  • If a family member is sponsor for the traveller,

            • A signed sponsorship letter confirming that all costs will be covered by the individual. (Only spouse, parent, child or sibling can be sponsor).

            • ID copy of the individual who is sponsoring.

            • Banks Statement and Income of the person who is sponsoring.


They must be up to date which means all bank transactions up to now must be seen on the bank statement document.

  • Up to 10 days duration of stays: Balance must be at least £400.

  • More than 10 days duration of stays: Balance must be calculated for extra £40 for each day per person. For example: if the duration is for 30 days, balance must be at least £1,200.


It must include both departure and arrival tickets.


It must include expiry date which covers the duration of stay, full name and Turkey as covered country.

We can your Travel Insurance at our office . Please see our extra fees.


  • It must be original booking. Fake bookings can be noticed by our Consultants and they are not acceptable.

  • If you are being invited to stay with a relative or friend, they must provide an Invitation Letter with their contact details, a copy of their ID and a copy of their Utility Bill or Rent Lease.


  • Documents must be original copy. Screenshots are not acceptable as they are not an official document.

  • Payments are accepted by cash or bank transfer.

Tourist Visa

Sponsoring and Invitation Letters

If you are unable to show proof of income in the United Kingdom, you will require a family member to sponsor and support your visa application. If you are applying with a child, you will also need to write a Sponsorship letter to cover all costs.

Visa for Children under 18

All children under the age of 18 are required to appear at Voya Visa with both of their birth-parents for all types of visa applications. If only one parent is able to attend with the child, the absent parents should submit higher consent letter signed by a solicitor or notary (Notary Services).

Documents required for children under 18:

  1. Original birth certificate (and certified translation of non UK birth certificates) and copies of all pages . We cannot make exceptions for children without birth certificates. A letter from the hospital is not acceptable. You may contact your Consulate to obtain a family certificate. The certificate must have both parents names.

  2. Copy of both parents’ passport/ID.

  3. Adoption decree (with adopting parents’ names) Only if applicable.

  4. Court order establishing custody or guardianship.

  5. The absent parent’ written consent letter done by a solicitor or notary

  6. Court Order granting sole custody to the applying parent.

  7. Judicial declaration of incompetence of absent parent or

  8. Death certificate of absent parent.

  9. Foster care documents from the related authorities in UK.

  10. If the parent’s name is not the same as child’s last name, documentation that will link parent’s names or link parent to the child (marriage/divorce certificate, court order)

Please note that we cannot apply for children without a birth-certificate. You will simply be rejected by the authorities. This is the most crucial document required for children’s visa applications to ensure the safety and security of all children.

Medical Visa

All applicants travelling for Medical purposes must obtain permission from the Ministry of Interior. This type of visa takes around 6 weeks or longer to be complete. You must apply at least 6 weeks before your surgery date. Cosmetic appointments and surgeries are also categorised under the Medical Visa.

In addition to the documents listed on the Tourist Visa section, please see below for additional documents:

  1. Medical Letter with the Hospital’s Letterhead including their address and contact details. Doctor’s contact details. In-depth review on what surgery it is (e.g Dentistry, Cosmetic, Hair Transplant, Cardiology, MRI Scan etc.) Letter should contain the dates of the surgery or follow up appointments.

We will not keep your passport/travel document for this type of visa. You will need to bring it in once you have been granted permission.

Montage (AMS) Visa

We welcome all Montage (AMS) Visa at our office. We provide walk-in appointments for all Work Visa applications only. You will simply need to bring all original and photocopied documents with you. You may attend from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am.

If you need to visit Turkey for the purpose of maintenance, installation or repair of a machinery etc, you will need to apply for a visa. This type of visa allows citizens to stay in Turkey up to 90 days without a work permit. This visa can only be issued once in a period of 12 months and cannot be extended. We grant Multiple-entry for this type of visa. If you want to stay longer than 90 days, please check the available information regarding work permit requirements. It takes 10 – 14 working days to process this type of visa. Attend accordingly.

To apply for this type of visa, please submit the following documents:

  1. Passport with an expiration date at least 6 months beyond the “duration of stay” of the visa. Non-British citizens must have a BRP valid for 6 months.

  2. Travel Insurance (Can be arranged by the Company)

  3. Hotel and Flight Reservation (Free Cancellation) Must show evidence of return flight.

  4. Letter from the Employer in the United Kingdom (Must include all work that will be carried in Turkey, project start and end dates, role of the applicant, other important information)

  5. Invitation Letter from the Company in Turkey (Must include all work that will be carried in Turkey, project start and end dates, role of the applicant, other important information)

Filming, Research, and Archeology Visa

Visa for Filming/Scientific Research/Archeological Excavation:

If you wish to prepare documentary films related to scientific research and observation, make commercial and promotional films or conduct archeological exaction within Turkey you must obtain prior permission from the Turkish authorities.

You will thereafter be issued with appropriate visa. Please contact the Turkish Consulate and Tourism Office in London for commercial and promotional films and the Turkish Embassy in London for all other permissions.

Visa for Academic Research:

  1. Passport with an expiration date at least 6 months beyond the “duration of stay” of the visa, e-visa, visa exemption, or residence permit.

  2. One passport size photograph of the applicant

  3. An acceptance letter from the relevant authorities in Turkey (Library, University etc.)

  4. Student or Employer letter from the University in United Kingdom.

  5. Latest 2 months bank statement which shows reasonable amount of money.

If you have a sponsor, please submit sponsor’s letter, bank statements and passport copy.

The requested duration and dates for work visa must match in Job Offer Letter, Employment Contract and Application Form.

Archeology Visa:

Please email for this type of visa.

Work Permit

As of 21.02.2022, we will be handling all Work Permit applications.

Please refer to Work Permit Section

Transit Visa

By Air: If you are a visa-national, you will not need a visa for transit unless you pass through the “passport control point” at Turkish Airports.

Please note that you cannot leave airport transit area and you must hold a ticket to a destination outside of Turkey. You must also have permission/visa to enter the destination country, if such permit/visa is required.

By Sea or Land: If you intend to travel by sea or land via Turkey, you will need a visa. Please refer to Information on Tourist Visa. The application procedure is the same as tourist visa.

Before applying for a transit visa, all passport and travel document holders must obtain a visa of the destination country. If you are exempt from a visa to the destination country, then they will have to submit an official letter issued by the countries’ diplomatic representatives confirming that they do not need any visa.

Student Visa/Internship

Foreigners may apply for an education visa only after they have enrolled in a Turkish University, School or a Language Course certified by the Ministry of Education.

Additional Required Documents:

1.One passport size photograph of the applicant

2.An acceptance letter from the Turkish University or School or Language Course certified by the Ministry of Education

3.If you would like to apply for a student visa as an Exchange Student, a confirmation letter from your school in United Kingdom is required.

4. Non-British Citizens require a minimum 1 year valid residence permit

5. Latest 2 months bank statement which shows reasonable amount of money (at least £3000 for 6 months stay)

6. If you have sponsor, sponsor letter, bank statement and passport copy of sponsor.

7. Accommodation Details and Flight Reservation, including Travel Insurance.

Documents required for Internship Visa:

  1. An acceptance letter for Internship from the Turkish Authorities

  2. Student letter or Graduation Certificate from the university in United Kingdom

  3. Latest 2 months bank statement which shows reasonable amount of money

  4. If you have sponsor, sponsor letter, bank statement and passport copy of sponsor.

  5. Accommodation Details and Flight Reservation, including Travel Insurance.

Visa for Bus, Lorry and Truck Driver

Drivers are required to obtain their visas from this Consulate General.

To apply for this type of visa, please submit the additional documents below:

1.One passport size photograph of the applicant

2. Original driving licence and copy of original driving license

3.A detailed invitation letter from Turkey (If applicable)

4.A detailed letter from employer in United Kingdom (This letter should cover all the details of journey and information about the goods you will be transporting)

Journalist/Press Visa

Additional Document Requirements:

  1. A detailed invitation letter from Turkey

  2. A reference letter from employer in the United Kingdom

  3. Copy of UK Press Card

Visa for Academic Employee

University instructors are exempt from work permit, however, they have to submit a letter from Turkish Higher Education Board (YOK). Additionally, they will need to submit the following documents alongside their other documents:

  1. A proof of a job offer normally in the form of a letter from the prospective employer.


Single Entry Tourist Visa Fee for Ordinary Passports and Travel Document Holders


Multiple Entry Tourist Visa Fee for Ordinary Passports and Travel Document Holders


Single or Multiple Entry for British Passport holders up to 90 days. £207 for Stateless Citizens (xxx) on Nationality. £473 for 180 days – 365 days for British Passport Holders

£207 / £473

6 Month and 1 Year Work Visa Fee for British Passport Holders

£147 / £192

Single and Double Transit Visa Fee

£10 up to £75

Hotel Reservation: £10

Flight Reservation: £10 plus flight company charge (5 GBP) = £15

Travel Insurance

(1 month) £25

(3 months) £40

(6 months) £60

(1 year) £75

Printing £10

Printing and copy fee : £2 per page

European Union Passport Holder:

80 Euros + 102 GBP for Single Entry

170 Euros + 102 GBP for Multiple Entry

All payments are taken by cash or bank transfer.

We do not provide postage at this time. All passports are collected from our office address.

Dear Applicants,


We would like to make a gentle reminder that no applicants should be waiting in the courtyard as we are not allowed. Please do not arrive earlier than 9:00 am for your appointment. If you do, please do not wait inside the courtyard or in front of the door. This causes disruption to other tenants and causes problems.

For emergency appointments you may wish to email us on

Vip Appointment

We would kindly remind you that appointments are accepted only which made by our website

You can make a VIP appointment once regular appointments are fully booked.

VIP application is subject to additional fees and availability.

This service is only to make an early appointment for the applicants who needs urgent appointment . Please note that even VIP applications, the decision-making period determined by the Consulate applies.

Cancellations: Please cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend at least 24 hours before your appointment time. This will allow other clients the chance to apply for a visa, especially during emergent situations. Your cooperation is appreciated. Thank you.

Families are required to book a single appointment per person. e.g. mother, father, and two children should have 4 appointments booked for the same day.

  • Book an appointment 30 days before your travel. (The earliest you can apply is 60 days before your travel; Otherwise, you will not be allowed to apply)

  • Be prepared with your documents

  • Attend an appointment at Ground Floor, 1A Saint Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, W8 6LS, London

  • Do not arrive early and do not wait in the courtyard

  • There may be occasional 1-3 hour delays. This is normal

  • Do not use offensive language or inappropriate behaviour

  • Comply with Covid Guidelines. Do not attend without a mask

  • We do not give status updates for applications

  • There are no premium or emergency visas available!

  • You will be refused if you are unprepared and will need to book another appointment

  • Please do not disturb other Companies at the property. We are only based on the ground floor only so make sure to ring the correct bell.

  • No phones are allowed inside the premises.




As of 21.02.2022, Voya Visa will be handling all Work Permit Applications.

Please email to book an appointment. Do not use the general appointment booking system as you will not be able to find an early appointment. We will shortly be providing a contact number for the Work Permit enquiries. Please bear with us as we make necessary changes during this transitional period.

Kind Regards,

Director of Voya Visa


Work Permit

Dear All,

As of 21.02.2022, we will be handling all Work Permit Applications. You will need to email us at to book an appointment. Appointments will be between 9 am till 11 am Monday to Friday.

Work Permit application starts by visiting our office in person with the below-listed required documents. We will book an appointment manually via, and assigned time slot for work visa appointments are 9:00 – 11:00, you must ensure that you have fulfilled below requirements. Please do not attempt to book an appointment on our general appointment booking page.

In brief, you should have the following:

  • Job Offer Letter/Invitation Letter: Having your details OF job title, Turkish job title in brackets (should not exceed 34 characters), tentative/proposed starting date, duration of work visa and others (if any). It should be in normal A4 size document. No small prints, please.

  • Employment Contract: Besides your contract details, must also include Turkish job title (should not exceed 34 characters), (if your documents are all in English), proposed/tentative starting date, duration of work visa (There should be no discrepancy in information supplied between Job Offer Letter/Invitation Letter and Employment Contract). It should be in normal A4 size document. No small prints, please.

  • Passport Original and Photocopy

  • 1x Biometric Photograph

  • Entertainer Form: (If relevant) For those who are going to work as entertainers, dancers, animators, artists, singers etc. Three-page document, can be downloaded from address. You must email us this form when requesting for an appointment.

  • Teachers: Pre-approval letter from Ministry of Education

  • Permanent Resident Card: EU passport holders should bring their immigration status reference numbers printout (for us to check from Home Office’s relevant website). For non-EU non-British passport holders must present a valid resident card – and its photocopy or visa for UK with sufficient validity to come collect the visa, which is approximately 2 months or over. See the relevant website at

  • Passport Validity Duration: Applicant’s passport must be valid for the duration of employment and additional 60 days minimum.

Self-Employed/Establishing Business:

If applicant is/to-be company owner in Turkey, normally, (i) the applicant appoints an accountant to establish his/her company, then (ii) the accountant writes a Letter to the Turkish Consulate for the work visa. That letter should briefly explain that the applicant would be applying for a work visa to manage his/her company and mention a tentative starting date, job title (must be served in Turkish if all documents are in English) to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour. The letter should be accompanied by Company Foundation Papers Set (Power of Attorney Letter for the Accountant, Chamber of Commerce Registry, Official Gazette copy having the company name in question, Tax Certificate, Notarised Authorised Signatures List and others). (ii) These documents would cover number 2 and 3 in the above list. (iv) Once the document set is ready, then the applicant can proceed following the requirements from top to bottom in this list.

To Summarise the Process:

  1. Applicant emails with an appointment request. Email Header should be: Work Visa Appointment. You must send us a copy of your passport, entertainer form (if relevant), and your job offer letter. Work Visa appointments are only between 9:00 am till 11:00 am. Other appointments made through our general appointment system are not valid.

  2. Once the appointment is confirmed, the applicant will attend our office at Voya Visa, Ground Floor, 1A Saint Mary Abbots Place, Kensington, W8 6LS, London. You must bring all original and photocopied documents with you (listed above). You will need to make payment after your interview.

  3. You should receive the visa reference in up to 10 days and must forward the visa reference to your Host Company (or whoever is in charge of the paperwork) in Turkey.

  4. Lead time 4-6 weeks. On average it takes 4 weeks to get approval.

  5. Once approved, your visa will be issued by the Turkish Consulate General. Applicants will have to enter Turkey with the visa to activate the work visa. The applicant will be given the work permit card by the Host Company, which will allow multiple entry permission for their travels from/to Turkey.

Visit Us


United Kingdom




+442072076366 available from 09:00 am 2:00 pm

Please book an appointment for a work permit application on

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